About Brian

Brian Kruse began his acting career at the Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee, Michigan. The same stage on which James Earl Jones began performing many years before. When a friend asked for a ride to an audition, Brian was convinced by his High School drama teacher to try out for the part. To the chagrin of his friend, Brian was cast, and his love for the theatrical arts began to flourish. When his High School built a new 450 seat theater, they looked to him to star as Nathan Detroit in its inaugural production, “Guys and Dolls.”

Rapidly enrolling at Michigan State University after High School, Brian earned a degree in Telecommunication Information Studies & New Media, along with a minor in Theater. Brian wrote and starred on the school’s well-established sketch comedy show, Sideshow. His last two years working on the show, Brian won the Michigan State University ‘Best Actor’ award. Brian went on to co-write and star in his first independent film, “Rooftops,” a story that echoed his own experiences growing up in a small town and moving away in a tale of self-discovery.

Knowing he had to move for increased work opportunities, Brian packed his car and drove to Los Angeles. It didn’t take Brian long to begin collaborating with other like-minded artists. It was here that Brian began to work on a number of SAG-AFTRA endorsed projects. He also co-founded a production company, Forest LAwn Films. Brian credits his parents for their undying support, and currently spends his time producing a television show, acting, and submitting different projects to Film Festivals.